Fencing Basics

The modern version of fencing has the following three disciplines

  1. Epee
  2. Foil
  3. Sabre

These have different swords and different rules based on target areas

Two fencers face off on a 14 x 2m strip called the piste. Equipment includes a scoring box, system of reels, electric swords. Whoever gets the first hit scores a point. But there are also double touches where both fencers score a point. 

The tournaments involve pools and direct elimination rounds. 

Participants are divided into “pools” (Round Robin) with roughly 5 or 6 per pool. In the pools, the matches called bouts are for 5 points. Whoever reaches 5 points first wins the bout. After pools, the fencers are seeded and the brackets are drawn

About Fremd Fencing Club

Fremd Fencing Club is an initiative started by Vibhav Prabhakar to introduce this great sport to fellow students as well as future students of William Fremd High School in Palatine, IL

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