Equipment and Gear

While the fencing equipment will vary slightly, you'll need the following things

  1. Fencing Weapon (wired)
  2. Fencing Uniform (White Jacket and Knickers)
  3. Fencing Mask
  4. Body Cord
  5. Chest Protector
  6. Plastron
  7. Fencing Shoes (while regular athletic shoes may be ok, but fencing shoes are recommended since they have special soles to reduce the impact to your feet)


Foil and Sabre require an additional garment called a lame. Please note that the masks and gloves are also different for the three weapons.

Ancillary items that are available at professional fencing clubs including scoring machine and fencing wire reel machines. These are generally expensive. That's why I built my own :)

The most popular equipment vendor in the U.S is Absolute Fencing Gear 

About Fremd Fencing Club

Fremd Fencing Club is an initiative started by Vibhav Prabhakar to introduce this great sport to fellow students as well as future students of William Fremd High School in Palatine, IL

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