My Fencing Scoring Machine

So during the spring break when we were under lockdown, I wanted to keep myself busy. So I figured I'll build a fencing scoring machine for myself using the Raspberry-PI that I had bought for my Young Entrepreneur Academy (YEA) project in 8th grade. I foraged the house for materials to build this. I took a couple of rectangular LED lights from a lantern that I found. Then I raided an old Yamaha A/V receiver for some more parts. I ordered a few parts and wires from Amazon. I used a cardboard box for housing the Raspberry-Pi and connected the wires to it on both ends. I cut holes in the front of the cardboard box and placed the LED lights into the slots and connected them to the Raspberry-Pi. In order to simulate the green and red lights on a real scoring machine, I taped blue and amber color plastic sheets on to the LED lights since those were the only colors that were available at home.

I then took a couple of blocks of styrofoam and cuts holes in them, placed the female plugs and taped them with duct tape. I used the tape rollers that I found at home as pulleys and suspended from the ceiling and ran the wire over them. I used some weights as a counter balance to allow the wires to retract like a wire reel used in tournaments as the fencers move back and forth. Then I created a program in Python language that starts a 15-point bout and registers touches. I also added logic to handle double touches. When a fencer scores a hit, the colored light on their end lights up and a bluetooth speaker announces the score. Here are some pictures of this scoring machine. 



Later on during the summer break, my brother Pranay joined in to help create a User Interface (UI) to display the scores on a monitor connected to the Raspberry-PI. And that's when we created the video you just watched. You can see this setup in the video and the monitor displaying the scores as we fence.

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